Charter Gas Ltd offer legionella water testing and have specifically trained engineers who are professionally qualified and experienced in providing the testing service.
Ensuring that the testing is carried out regularly keeps you and your family and/or employees safe from any risk of legionella. Unfortunately, if water contains legionella this can lead to legionnaires’ disease which, in brief, is a severe form of pneumonia. Legionnaires’ disease can be caused by contaminated water droplets ingested into the lungs and such droplets are present in approximately 14% of water samples. Contact Charter Gas Ltd today to ensure that you are not affected!



Is your water system free from Legionella?

If your system has a legionella test carried out on it, it may take up to a couple of weeks to get the results back. However, in urgent cases where there is a high risk, Charter Gas Ltd will always aim to expedite your request and have your results returned within 3 days.

You are reminded that in cold water tanks, there is a higher risk of legionella and other bacteria appearing.

We work with top quality equipment to provide efficient water treatment to cleanse and disinfect the cold water system.

We have expertly trained staff to carry out both thermal and chemical disinfections of water systems.

We also offer advice and alternatives for those who have existing metal tanks that are in need of urgent attention.

The Benefits of Legionella Water Testing

If in the very unfortunate situation one were to get legionnaires disease, this is a severe form of pneumonia. This can cause critical and even fatal consequences. The disease is not contagious but can be caused by contaminated water droplets ingested into the lungs.

Legionella can be found to be present in under 14% of water samples, it’s also quite normal to find harmless amounts of levels of legionella and bacteria in the water supply from the mains. Although legionella testing kits do exist out there, it’s recommended that you get expert advice. Charter Gas can give you a tailor made service for yuor Legionella water testing.

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