Powerflushing is to ensure that any dirt and obstacles are removed from the central heating system.

A lack of powerflushing can cause blockages in the system which can cause long term damage to your central heating. These include, but are not limited to, radiator leaks and limiting the system to bad or no flow’

Our powerflushing unit sends high pressurised water flow through your central heating system dislodging debris, rust and dirt. Powerflushing can extend the lifespan of your boiler and central heating system saving you hundreds of pounds in the long-term.

Powerflushing Services in London

If you choose to have a new boiler installed but have an old central heating system and old radiators, then a powerflush is a recommended option.

Our engineers at Charter Gas will carry out the necessary inspections, apply chemical investigations, and check that the PH balance and corrosion levels in the system are at the best possible standards.

What does powerflushing mean and how long does it take?

Charter Gas use a specific pump to flush out your pipes and radiators, and use unique chemicals to breakdown the debris and dirt inside the system. It takes circa 90 minutes, but this can depend on the size of your home and the amount of heating systems you have (i.e. radiators).

When is a good time to apply a powerflush service to a central heating system?

The giveaway signs of your heating system in need of a powerflush are usually things like a cold radiator, poor circulation in the system and dirty water.

why choose charter gas to perform the powerflushing system for you?

Charter Gas have fully qualified central heating engineers with a wealth of experience in using powerflushing systems. All our engineers are also all Gas Safe Registered.

is powerflushing the best solution to fix a boiler and central heating system?

Powerflushing is at its best when applied to a newly installed system and during a regularly scheduled maintenance.

Will powerflushing remove 100% of all the dirt and sludge from your system?

Unfortunately, it won’t remove 100% of the dirt, however it will remove most of it. If your system is old then powerflushing may not be the solution. Instead, you may need a boiler repair instead.

However, Charter Gas’ experienced engineers will tell you the best route forward for your specific heating system and needs after a site visit.

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“Absolutely wonderful, efficient and professional. Was very tidy and quick. I could not be more pleased.”

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We got gas supply disconnected by emergency services due to a suspected gas leak. I called Sonny who very thoroughly checked the problem. Very professional.”

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“Charter Gas Engineers are friendly professional and have a charming business like manner. Highly recommended.”

London Customer, February 2020

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